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Want to start creating music from your bedroom?

We provide one-to-one online classes to help you start producing music from the comfort of your bedroom.
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When was the first time you wanted to record your own track?

We help people like you understand the fundamentals of music theory, music softwares(DAWs) and start your music journey from the comfort of your bedroom.

One-to-ONe Lectures

This is not another YouTube tutorial

You get to learn directly from people who make a livelihood from music production and have been in the industry for many years.

Doubt Solving

Where's the bass at?

Our tutors help you with the most fundamental doubts that you may have during your music production journey.

Work together

No more going around the same circle.

You've probably gone around the same topics on YouTube and blogs, over and over again, not really understanding it. No more of

Connect with others

Meet other musicians

You get to interact with other producers & musicians and collaborate with them.

"Learning Music should neither be difficult, nor expensive"

Our core belief

Start your music journey today!

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